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satyr oOo found bbvh on some really random music sharing reddit post, something stuck out about them. its dream music for awake brains. keep riding trains, keep riding trains... Favorite track: dreaming on OJ.
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so glad to meet you it's part of nature I like the way you smell I like your sweater are you here to comfort me? my source of nurture? to replace the feeling in me that was murdered? tell me it's gonna be alright please hug my body pet me like a kitten say that you love me I don't care who you are as long as you have a car.
I remember parts of it snakes comin round my bed I remember the way you yelled trying to hold my breath I don't care I can't help it if I loved you, I loved you, I loved you but the good times had to last me riding on your back take me back there in the woods worms wriggle on a hook i couldn't help it and I don't care that I I loved you, I loved you, I loved you in my room there is a light I'm afraid of the night in my room I keep a light I'm afraid of the night
you're on a tour of duty, how long will you stay? I'll be here at home waiting dreaming on OJ I don't need anybody to tell me what to do I can predict the weather and I can precisely read your mood if you would wake up then we could just go home I know it's a place that's been here all along if you would wake up then we could just go home
trains keep it right with the time
your strange face is haunting me in the gravel, in the grass, in the breeze what you took from me I wouldn't wish it on nobody I've got to get out of here dead or alive the ball broke your little face behind your eye I heard that you made lots of money it's a shame you wasted it when you were just 16 now you change the songs before they're done sometimes the only way out is with a gun I've got to get out of here dead or alive we've got to get out of here dead or alive
my mother told me, "protect yourself form the ice" but there's ice in bedroom tonight my mother told me, "respect yourself from those who are not nice" but he's not nice in my bedroom tonight ice in my bedroom tonight
put your arms out in front I'll take your hands don't reach alone we could spread them far and fly away to the perfect star you came form that day you know who you are I won't let you cry another night I know he hurt you bad it's ok because he's dead now you got long hair and a pretty face when you smile you see my fears erase you know who you are a pretty little girl
tell me how she sucked you dry sippin on the fluid form your eyes don't you know it will never be enough the world is nails with the sharp side up spinning around if you were a hawk or a strawberry or a spider coming after me I guess it only matters if I believe brewing truth from the things that I see spinning around I wish that I could take my mind off could you stop spinning
waiting, waiting to get pulled under your body and your mind will become asunder but is a really that much different now? he gazes at the ceiling and he gazes at the sea he gazes at the trees he gazes at me like I've never seen anyone before waiting, waiting to get pulled under your legs begin to twist your feet begin to shift around and around and then they burn your body


Peace in Gaza


released July 20, 2014

mastered at Young Love Studios. Special thanks to Gary Levitt, Bryan Fitzgibbons for his iphone camera, and Mariah Yirka-Folsom for her dive.


all rights reserved



BBVH Beacon, New York

Brown Bread & Von Holt (Rebecca Doerfer & Colin Cheyne) bounce from the city of New York to the city of Beacon. Through internet, wires, solitary train rides and bedrooms, Rebecca and Colin collaborate electronically, and through dreams to make electronic dream pop. ... more

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